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      • Hey man great website, im doing OMAD right now and im desperate for Part 2? Can you please link it.
        Take care

        • Bruno, part 2 will be released this week. Until then I can tell you this: OMAD is not the answer you’re looking for.

  1. I’ve tried both IF and OMAD for a month and realized it wasn’t for me. What worked was 3 small meals. No calories between meals.

      • Hello again.,
        My body wanted to keep going back to OMAD. But my mind kept saying no do to bro-science. I’ve seen following benefits on OMAD,

        Faster reflexes. Noticed breathing is better…more relaxed. Mind is focused (I work in a call center). Less anxiety/fear including to phobias. I feel taller. Eyes don’t burn or feel dry. Bright natural light doesn’t bother me as much anymore. After using the restroom, no smell and wipe clean. Energy and mood are level (no crashes) even at night. Body composition looks more toned. I feel stronger (lifting water dispenser bottles). psoriasis and cuts heal fast. Have more self control (less alcohol and caffeine). No bloated or gaseous feeling. I now want to achieve more, make a difference in my life and learn new things. If week one goes well. Also in the past, had cold/flu like symptoms, did OMAD and got better a lot faster. Congestion disappeared a lot faster. I can eat foods I’m allergic to occasionally (dairy proteins & gluten) without major issues.


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